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BOH tea plantation

Dad with the blow pipe

My turn!!

The Aboriginal Village

In the Jungle

Me in the Jungle!


Wild ginger flower

The Steamboat! (no not a picture of me later that night!!)

At the top of a waterfall

More tea!

Ruby, a 'friend' at Daniel's Lodge

Lovely photo, taken by Ruby!

Back in the Jungle

Another waterfall (Robinson Falls)

Hello everybody, safely arrived in the Cameron Highlands, all be it 2 hours late after the bus broke down!

Maybe I should say a bit about the significance of being here. Well firstly John (that Geordie bloke I was travelling with in Oz) worked here for a while so it was a must see on his recommended list of things to do. I phoned home and told my mum I was heading here next and she informed me that my grandparents lived here for 6 months, working on a tea plantation. They also got married in Ipoh, a city relatively nearby.

So I've just checked into the place where John used to work for 3 nights and booked a full day Jungle trip tommorrow. Visit a big tea plantation on that trip so maybe even where granny&grandpa used to work! Not sure about the next day as of yet, but after that plan to spend a short while in Ipoh and try to find the church the married in, then head to an Island off the west coast before I head for Thailand.


Last day in Cameron Highlands and havin a bit of a chilled one. Had a long lie this morning and did an 'easy 3hour Jungle walk in the afternoon. Had a busy day yesterday. Up and out before 9 on a full day trip. First stop was BOH tea plantation/factory. Its one of only 2 that was around in 1930, so a good chance its where my grandparents worked. Then it was to a local aboriginal village where I tried out a blow pipe before a 1 1/2 hour jungle walk. From there we drove a bit then walked to a nice waterfall, people were swimming there but I didn't have by togs on an couldn't be bothered to get changed! Then another 1 1/2 jungle trek to get home - great fun! Went out for tea last night with some people from the hostel and had a traditional 'steamboat' you are given a potwith stock in it and heaps of sea food and you just cook it yourself - an interesting way to eat! Decided to have a few drinks last night which is part of the reason I wiz a bit lazy this morning!

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