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Our original plan was to leave today and drive to Haines Junction. But we heard that a bike race involving 1200 rides would be heading south from Haines Junction toward us. We had the time to linger in this nice campground whicn was on the route. We could watch them ride by from our rig window or perhaps we could drive to the summit with the car and watch the riders go by.

Well, you guessed it. It rained all day. Maybe there was snow at the summit. We wondered how many cyclists would make the ride. Some were supposed to do the 150 miles as a relay, but we never saw close to 1200 riders. But a hardy few rode into town and handed in their electronic monitors, and the whole thing was very low key. There were a few riders from Fairbanks and a few with quite a big of gray hair. Impressive.

We stopped at the IGA for a few fresh groceries. The store was well equipped, but I am glad that I brought so many non perishables along. Nearly every item was 50 - 100% more expensive than what we pay at home. Considering the journey it all makes - much comes by barge from Seattle every Tuesday - the prices make sense, but it still took my breath away to see a small bottle of Tide on sale for $25.

We also stayed in town for the free salmon dinner sponsored by the local fishermen. It stopped raining by then and the grilled and fried fish tasted amazing. The meal was planned for 1,000 and judging by the line when we left was about right. Everyone loves free.

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