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Fantastic Juicer on the Boardwalk

Giant Orange, Shades of California Olden Days

On the Waterfront Boardwalk Right in Front of Our Hotel - What...

View From Our Room

View From Our Room

Quite a Different View From Our Room - Roof Top Next Door

Bon & Valerie

The Whole Gang

Lots of Dog Walking Along the Boardwalk

Multi Use Walkway, Very Nice! Ver Busy!

Tourist Cruisers Stopping By For the Day

Our last few days in Cyprus before flying out 7:30pm Wednesday, 18th to Kuwait.


Wiki Info Limassol

Back to Limassol via Paphos/Pafos...interesting that all the Turkish buses we have taken had governors which presented them from going over 80km/hr(50mph) . In Greece and now Cyprus S the buses can go upwards of 100km/hr, very curious since the highways in most cases are of equal quality and likewise, the buses. In fact, I'd say the buses in Turkey overall are better.

We had arranged to connect again with Valerie but we needed more info about transport to Troodos so we took the 1km walk to the bus station where Nikos told us to go. There we were lucky (this being a holiday) to have a transport guy drive up just when we figured that we'd have to wait til tomorrow. The office was closed and the schedule was in Greek so when the transport guy drove up Bon asked him and got good info. We had left Mari with the bags so when we returned we still faced the quandry of how to connect with Valerie...at the bus stop at 1:pm was our arrangement but no Valerie by 1:30. We decided to buy a phone card and call...success! She came to US! Made a plan after much discussion...problem we have is still no word from Iran and we must pick up the visas Wed a.m. at the latest!

We called 2 hotels in Troodos and both were almost twice as expensive as staying here in Limassol at Mistral Hotel! We'll stay here and Nikos is only adding $10 euro to have 4 of us in the room! When we arrived at the hotel, Nikos took a look at Valerie and when I gave him the $50 euro he said, 'No, just $5 more, she its so small!' What a guy!

Walked the waterfront where everybody jogs, cycles, walks dogs, roller blades, etc. See. photos.

Went to eat fallafel at our now favorite Lebonese restaurant, Cedars! Wonderful to spend time with Valerie, she's such a pleasure to hear her excitement about travels.

She is only 43 but decided to travel by herself when she was 38 and quit her job. Being single and independent she just rented her flat in Paris and travels on that income!

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