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Nasia....our 7 month old granddaughter

Nasia and big brother Thanos - he is so helpful

Anestis and the babies....what a great father.


Tanya giving Thanos his rice milk

Bailey enjoying left over wedding cake

Brody....growing bigger each day!

Anika....hard to believe she is 17 already! Time does fly.

Scott the proud husband shows us some of Angela's achievements that were...

Scott, Peter, Angela at Angela's home in Picton

Our rental car while in Ontario

Back in BC and our Westy waiting at the Horseshoe Bay ferry...

Hi Friends!

We are home again and I have a few photos of the grandkids to post.... Loved seeing them but the two weeks was just too short. The wedding was wonderful and we really enjoyed seeing everyone.....

I know we have been to

ld that we can change this by moving back to Ontario. However, we love our lifestyle and we would not be able to live in our RV year round in the cold weather of the Ontario winters. In order to live back there, we would both have to look at going back to work full time to be able to afford a home. At this time in our lives we are not interested in spending all our time working.... So it is a choice we have made - a tough choice but our choice none the less.

We were extremely busy leading up to the wedding. Not much sleep but we really enjoyed the kids and grandkids and the whole experience. Tanya and Anestis put together an awesome event. They marked our 25th annivesary with lovely gifts for Peter and I - a combined - thank you for helping with the wedding and happy 25 years! So thoughtful of them to think of this. We will cherish our gifts!

At Scott and Angela's we had the time to rest and relax and visit with them and with friends. It was wonderful taking the time to see Sherry and Otto. They have a wonderful home and we enjoyed our chats. We took a nice sunny day to tour the County. Took Grandma Irene and showed her the many places we'd lived and where Scott and Angela got married back in Oct 2006 - Lake on the Mountain.

We were lucky to have some wonderful weather except for the two days before coming home. Luckily we did not get quite as much snow as they predicted and we were able to drive back to Toronto without any major incidents. Once we reached Highway 401 the snow had stopped and we were clear sailing for the 2 1/2 hours to the airport. Whew!!!

Enjoy....Peter & Connie

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