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Heading down the road toward Balanced Rock









One of the first days we were in the Hagerman area, the day we went to Twin Falls and witnessed the “base jumpers” parachuting off Perrine Bridge, we made a loop drive back to Hagerman via Buhl and farm roads. Our destination was Balanced Rock.

After traveling many miles passed dried bean farms and large dairy farms, we began to descend from the flat farm land through a canyon with interesting stone formations. Finally, at the bottom of the decline we spotted Balanced Rock. How funny it looked.

The rock is made of rhyolite, a semi-soft reddish stone, able to be sculpted by wind and water erosion. The “balancing” portion of the rock is 48 feet high and about 40 feet wide. But at the balance point base it is only 3 feet high by 17.5 inches wide!!!

We wondered if any one climbs the rock. While it may not be done now days, it once was. We know because we saw an old, sepia photo (in the Hagerman Museum) of two men on top, one reclining with his feet up on a table while he drank a beverage. They were picnicking!

On the narrow drive out to Balanced Rock and then as we continued on down the road back toward Hwy 30 to head to Hagerman, we noticed many farm trucks with loads of dried beans. The beans were still in their husks and husks were floating up out of the trucks, falling like snowflakes onto the road and roadsides. Further down the road we saw that the trucks turned off onto a dirt road to some sort of large building way out in the field out in the middle of nowhere.

After we rejoined Hwy 30, between Buhl and Hagerman, we discovered we were in the 1000 Springs or Falls area that we had read about but not yet seen. As we drove, we saw a few of them far across the river.

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