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Easter Egg From Pambos

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The Bathes

The Bathes

The Bathes

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Our Hike

Our Hike - What's This? Mari Out Front!

Our Hike

A Madron - But Here, A Strawberry Tree

Not a Sandy Beach!

Holiday Campers Near the Beach


A 15 minute walk to the old port and the bus to Paphos where we discovered - not unexpectedly - that all archeological sites and museums are closed.

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Got the bus to Polis where our Mariela Hotel Apts and owner, Pambos, greeted us with tea, cake, and Easter bread. He gave us a run down of the town and sights on a map and told us this has been the wettest/coldest winter in 100 years!! Today has been overcast and in the afternoon/eve it began raining! Not all that unpleasant since this place is also very nice, the same conveniences as Mistral minus the view. We venture out to walk about town...yes, very touristy, even lots of real estate offices...most businesses closed other than bars, cafes, restaurants, and gift shops. We head back and hunker down for the eve, although, Mari claims she'll head out at midnight for the Easter services. We'll see...she wasn't excited to go out for dinner in the drizzle earlier!

Not up at midnight...the drizzle was too much for Mari, ha!


Pambos gave us each and Easter Egg - red traditional.

Today was a walk in the park so to speak...got going late and took a bus to the Akamas Peninsula National Park and Baths of Aphrodite.

Wiki Info Akamas

Good Commercial Site About the Area Incl. a Map

Very nice weather, the rain of yesterday cleared the air and now lots of people out and about...Easter holiday helps too! It is simply amazing to me that there are so many real estate office here with lots of properties at what I'd consider high prices - $200,000+ for 2 bedroom apt. suite, - whatever that means. Also, the locals don't seem to be hurting too much, maybe other Euro money coming in from other countries?? Tourist season doesn't start here until May according to our Hotel host, sow the foreigners here might just be ex-pats from Germany or Italy or? I hear a lot of foreign languages and see what I call tourists but perhaps they've come to settle?!

We still haven't heard from Iran tour group other than today Bon got an email asking when we'd be in Cyprus...information Bon sent to them 2 weeks ago and again on the 10th. Maybe they're just jerking us around cause they can't say no outright or something?!

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