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Rain & clouds hiding the Chugach Mountains along the Matanuska River



Matanuska River

Glenn Highway area near Long Lake

Glaciers up on the Chugach Mountains

The Glenn Highway travels along the Matanuska River

Postcard of the Matanuska Glacier

Matanuska Glacier

The Glenn Highway snakes ahead of us

Occasionally there are red rock areas

More glacial mountains of the Chugach National Forest

This is a muskeg area where the trees are stunted

Interesting Homestead cabin along the highway

We had more rain and dense cloud cover most of our day. Darn, this could have been a very scenic travel day with the Chugach National Forest & Mountains to the south as we traveled east. The Chugach Mountains are covered with a massive ice field and glaciers.

One of the glaciers that heads in the Chugach Ice Fields is the Matanuska Glacier which travels northbound for 27 miles before it drains into the Matanuska River. Its width averages 2 miles and its terminus (foot) is 4 miles wide and has remained stable for over 400 years.

We travel along the Matanuska River most of the day. Some of the way we had Apsen & Cottonwoods, other parts had the normal scenery of Black Spruce & Birch trees. We passed some areas of muskeg where the Spruce were underdeveloped, small and sparse.

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