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Thanos the ring bearer, Nasia the flower girl is being held in...

Peter walking Tanya down the aisle

The ceremony

Tnaya and Anestis

The wedding party viewed from above

Wi'th Anestis' famiily

With Tanya's family

First dance

A little bit of Greek dancing


Arrived in Oakville on Tuesday night. We got here and helped with all the final wedding prep.... This meant we were up till 2 or 3 each morning trying to finish everything!! Extremely tired each day and no time for the computer! I know hard to believe for me!! Lol.

The wedding was fabulous! A wonderful day....but a late night again. Peter and I danced a few Greek dances and we danced the last 1 1/2 hours till 1 a.m. We had extremely sore legs the next day! The kids had a hotel next to the reception hall and we took their children home. After tending to the babies, and visiting with Scott and Angela, we got to bed at 5 a.m. and Nasia woke for her feeding at 5:30 a.m.! But she did go back to sleep and I slept till Tanya called at 9 a.m. They were meeting friends for breakfast in the hotel and realized Anestis forgot their suitcase with the clothes in his brother's car! They had nothing to wear! Mommy to the rescue. I grabbed clothes and dropped them off for them.

It has taken a few days for us to finally wind down and relax! We are staying at Tanya's until the 13th then we are off to Picton, ON.

We had no problems with the flight. We were delayed in our Calgary stop. It was to be 20 min and ended up over and hour! We let off a girls volleyball team - the whole plane except for 6 of us! Then boarded a girls hockey team! The hockey team was much noisier than the other! Lol. But not to the point of being annoying.

Weather has been pretty good, a lot of sun but cold. A little skiff of snow yesterday but all in all good weather.

It will be hard to leave Tanya and grand babies when we head for Picton. Just as I know it will be tough to leave Angela and her family.

Oh well, it was a choice we made to move back to BC and I can only hope they decide to move out west one day??!!!???

Attaching just a few photos of the wedding, the first dance, Tanya and Anestis' first dance, also dancing a Greek dance, a family photo of our family and Anestis' family. It was a wonderful wedding and reception. Fabulous food and it was wonderful meeting Anestis' family.

Till later,

Peter & Connie

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