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The main street

The lake

The view from our window

Yes, yes, we haven’t updated for a while! We are alive and well, we have just been very busy!

Jess got a job at a pool and so we have decided to stop and work for a bit. We are to move into a share house in a town called Windermere, in the Lakes District, which is a very beautiful summer holiday destination in the North West UK. As the name suggests there are a few big lakes, surrounded by mountains perfect for walking and rockclimbing (when its not raining!) and dotted with cute little towns that Jess loves exploring but Willy doesn’t enjoy driving Moby to! And its the home of Beatrix Potter which of course they love to advertise

We have been real tourists going to all the markets and fairs, checking out the place and participated in the ‘Tour de Staveley’ a bike ride around the area and up a massive hill, but it was all fun and included beers and a French dinner afterwards!

We currently have Willy’s mum Dianne visiting us before she goes off on her grand tour of Europe so we have been showing her around too.

So we wont be updating the blog very much, only when we go off and visit some places on weekends. So keep in touch via email

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