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Not much new to report on this front. I finished up my last few gifts yesterday (thank goodness!) and am now settled in for the next couple of days. It's time to start baking and I'm also going to make a small batch of fudge.

I got a much needed hair cut on Wednesday and, even though it's a bit shorter, I now have a few new layers. I'm always a bit reluctant to do any layering as many beauticians can't seem to get it 'right'. And since I'm in a new shop quite regularly I never get the same beautician twice. I've come home with some dandy 'doo's over the past six years. Of course hubby likes it blonde, thick & down to my waist! I think that's a guy thing??? He used to have a fit every time I cut it, but since our rv'ing lifestyle began he's finally relaxed about the whole thing. He now says "do whatever's easiest honey, it'll grow back"! He also cut a cut and Onyx is being groomed tomorrow. I put her in the shower in between her appointments but it's time for her face/feet/tail and those I don't do! Even the vet has cut her black toenails too short and caused them to bleed. Twice! So she sees the same groomer when we're home for the winter that's done her for 9 years. And, Sherry tells me she doesn't even 'grrrrrrrr'....She sure does when I'm working on her... LOL

Our friend Dot sent us the link to a neat video this morning. Never seen anything quite like this...I know you guys will enjoy it!! I especially liked it when he's rollin' in the tunnel. And the scenery is lovely too! Enjoy...And have a great day :)

Buggy Rollin'

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