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Arrived in Las Vegas about 2pm on Thursday in time to make a quick stop at the truck wash with the 5'er before heading to our final destination. They had it in & out in about 15 minutes with 8 of them working on it. Looked great when they were done. $47 which included a protectant and doing the tires. We have vowed to never wash it ourselves again! We picked it up from the Ford dealership at 10am and kept our fingers crossed for the entire 125 mile trip to Vegas. It ran beautifully so it appears all is well. We do have one more turbo issue to deal with but we're waiting until we go to Arizona in a couple of months to take care it. Our mechanic friend Ted worked by phone with the Utah dealership throughout these repairs and saved us a ton of $$$. Isn't it nice when you can find a reliable, trustworthy mechanic? They seem to be few and far between! Thank you so much Ted, we REALLY appreciate you.

Larry had an insurance appointment at 4pm so we just pulled up in front of sister Bonnie's for the evening. We did connect the electricity and sent our satellite up for TV but that was about it. So, today we moved into place for our 'winter stay'. Tomorrow I'll give the inside a good cleaning and we also plan to put up our Christmas decorations. We don't do much, as space is limited, but Larry & Bonnie decorate their home beautifully every year so we get to enjoy it every day. I especially love all the lights and I have to admit this is the one time of the year I miss the 'stick house'. We still have all our Christmas decorations in storage and I'm talking about numerous boxes. I've given a few things away but still have many sentimental decorations left. For right now they're not hurting a thing just 'sitting' there. Perhaps I'll decide what to do with them next year? Those and a few collectibles too. Can't store them forever, right?

The weather is amazingly beautiful right now. Warm during the day, in fact, I wore shorts today. We hope to see the kids tomorrow. It's been far too long. I need to get out next week and pick up a few Christmas gifts. Not looking forward to that. It's a zoo out there! LOL We've been hanging out in small towns so long it's a bit intimidating when you hit a town of two million! Well, I've babbled on long enough for now. Thanks for checking in!

P.S. A cute joke for you:)

Wife texted her husband on a cold winter's morning: "Windows frozen."

Her husband texted her back: "Pour some lukewarm water over it."

The wife texted back 5 minutes later: Computer completely screwed up now."

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