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Preparing to load the Ferry in Haines

Sign for those disembarking the Ferry in Haines

First on and my view at dock in Skagway - had to...

Rain, rain, and more rain with heavy cloud cover and temperatures in the mid 50’s.

I took my SUV over to the NAPA store at 07:45AM. I had to wait until 8:45AM before they could take me in. It was not long and they came out and told me the water pump had gone bad and that is where all the fluid is leaking from. Of course in a small town like Haines they were unable to fix it.

I went back to the RV and hooked up the SUV. I went to a Tesoro station on 2d Street but the pumps were not working so I had to double back to the Tesoro station by the RV Park. 60.618 gallons of diesel at $4.949 a gallon – I believe that is the highest I have paid on this trip.

I then drove out to the Ferry dock. I spent the next couple of hours trying to find a place where I could get the water pump replaced. I was finally able to locate a GM dealer in Whitehorse who said he could get one out of Vancouver in two days. I then talked to the Service Manager and he said he could fit me in at 10:00AM on Thursday.

I will now be leaving Skagway one day early – I had planned on being here three days. On Wednesday I am going to Whitehorse and be ready to get the SUV fixed first thing Thursday morning. I had planned on going from Skagway to Teslin, Yukon Territory. Now I will go to Whitehorse on Wednesday and then Thursday after the SUV is done I will go to Teslin. I was able to get a reservation at Pioneer RV Park in Whitehorse. I feel pretty fortunate that this is only going to add a few more miles to where I was going and only changed my trip by one day although the cost for the repair is going to be really expensive - $450.00 for the water pump alone plus labor.

The Ferry to Skagway was late. It was supposed to leave at 14:45PM but we did not load until 14:50PM and departed at 15:40PM. I was told when we got to Skagway I would have to back the RV out. Once onboard I unhooked the SUV and went upstairs as you cannot stay in the vehicle while the ship is underway. Still raining along with fog and clouds see I could not see much on the way to Skagway.

We arrived in Skagway at 16:45PM. I got the car off at 17:15PM and then had to go back and get the RV. I started backing out at 17:25PM and was off the Ferry at 17:30PM. I hooked up the car and arrived at Pullen Creek RV Park at 17:40PM. 50amp E/W. There was a line ahead of me that got off the Ferry before I did and I did not get signed in and set up until 18:35PM.

No Internet or DirecTV here. Wi-Fi is available at the park but you have to pay to use it. I am using my iPhone as a hotspot to get online.

7.1 RV miles today but a busy, long, and tiring day.

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