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Friday the 13th, Mari's lucky day (she says, I think it's just a hoax!). Onward after a long pause - for us - going to Lemesos or Limassol or ?...very confusing here with at least 2 names for every town! Greek, Turkish, and sometimes ancient name when I try to Google or find info it seems no one can agree on just one name (sometimes even in the towns themselves!!

Good to have these days 'off' to wash clothes, etc. even has been good getting rid of Mari's cold, I think her fits of coughing are over...good for all concerned.

A walk across the 'border' N to S and checking with border folks to see if there will be a problem when we fly out from the airport after never 'officially' arriving! They assure us there will be no problem. The bus schedule is the same F,S,S, & M as it would for any S - S weekend since this is the Orthodox Easter weekend. We had made reservations (a very rare thing) ahead after checking Hostelbookers.com and found Mariela Hotel Apts in Paphos/Polis for the 2 actual weekend nights but figured it would be easy to find a place in Limassol for Friday. Well, first off, the driver asked us where we wanted to get off and we were thinking at the bus station so we'd know where to get the bus to Paphos/Polis. Turned out the bus station is at the new port, 2km out of town so we had to take another bus back to where we thought we'd find accommodations. We walked into the 'old town' (not so much old anymore & much that was is being upgraded/replaced) and after finding nothing I left the gals with the packs and began a search. Finally, after 45 min. of no luck finding even a hotel to ask I asked a shop owner if there was a hotel or pencion nearby. Oh yes! And he pointed back the way I'd come. Turned out I had even gone into the place thinking it was a hotel (no visible sign I could see) but inside all I saw were tables as in a restaurant. I had not gone all the way to the back where, indeed, there was a reception desk.

To the chase...we ended up in Mistral Hotels Apts and very nice man, Nikos, quoted a very nice price of $40 euros - 3 beds, kitchenette, bath w/ tub, TV w/ English channels - 3 news/2 movies/2 porn., and a great balcony overlooking the waterfront (see photos)! Couldn't have asked for more! Just a block away Lebenese restaurant w/ fallafel & tabulee!

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