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We were both ready at the same time, so we caravan-ed up 101 to our next stop in Klamath, making CA. It was a really beautiful drive through massive redwood trees. There was a few places where the trees were right on the road making for some narrow passageways. We were pleasantly surprised to find the campground was on level ground with no trees which made it very easy to get in/out for our short stay. We also were really glad that the park was relatively empty because the sites were so narrow. There was an empty site between us which made the space nice. If all the spaces had been filled, there would only have been about 4 feet between the rigs after the slides were opened. That is not even enough space to comfortably put a picnic table.

On Monday, we went for a drive through the state and federal parks in spite of the threat of rain. We headed out of the campground according to Vicki's directions from Streets and Trips. I then put the info to the navigation system and was a little surprised when it said "go off-road" to enter park. Yikes.... Maybe we should have taken Don's truck! It turned out to be a dirt road that was narrow at times but easily passable. The view were incredible. At one point, we saw a farm down below the road on the side of the hill. We stopped and found a sign explaining the building. During the war, the US military built these buildings that look like farm structures. They actually housed radar equipment and were used to monitor boat and air traffic that may be a threat. We continued down the road and saw many enormous redwoods. We stopped at a visitor center and watched a short film then walked on the beach. It sure is different than east coast or gulf coast beaches, very rugged and the surf feels violent. We had a chuckle at the giant sign that said "Danger, watch for sneaker waves".

It has been rainy hard for several hours. We are parked on grass and the water is pooling around us. Dan is getting his panties in a wad worrying about being stuck tomorrow when we try to leave.

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