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Our one photo of Mt Snowdonia



The oldest house in the UK (Beaumaris)

In the castle. Please note the pink thongs

The castle at Beaumaris

The puffin signs at Beaumaris


Jess at Conwy castle

Will add pics next time

As soon as we drove over the border into Wales, it just felt like you were in a different country. Gone was the M5 motorway, the Tesco superstores and McDonalds in every town, replaced by small country towns with sheep and stone fences. We were also introduced to the Welsh language.... a whole lot of letters that don’t seem to go together and I we can’t imagine how you pronounce them. For example, the town of Lanfairpwllgwyngyll or maybe Abergwyngregyn?! Yes it just looks like I mashed the keyboard but I swear I didn’t!

Before we headed off to Snowdonia we were told there was a saying. ‘If you can see the tops of the mountains in Snowdonia it is going to rain. If you can’t see the tops of the mountains it is already raining’! When we arrived it was a beautiful day, we got nice shots of Mt Snowdon, the highest mountain in the area and could clearly see all the other mountains. It remained a fine afternoon and we browsed the shops and went for a stroll to the local castle, it was all nice. But then, we were both awoken during the night with wind so strong that it felt like we were on a boat and it rained the rest of the time we were there! Luckily the tour de France was starting so we found a pub and settled in for some afternoons of beer drinking.

After doing no hiking at all, we gave up on the weather and decided to drive to the next town called Betws-y-coed (don’t know how to pronounce that either!) but the caravan park was closed and we couldn’t find anywhere else to park so we wondered around there for the arvo, walked to a waterfall and then drove onto the coast of Wales.

Now the only reason we decided to come to the Isle of Angelsey was to see the puffins. They are little sea birds like penguins but with red on their beaks. We arrived into the town of Beaumaris and it was such a nice little town. It’s so much better when you have no expectations of a place and you arrive and it’s so beautiful. It was a quaint little seaside town with an awesome castle and the weather was fine!

We hung out in Beaumaris, checked out the castle which was very well looked after. We spent a couple of hours walking through the labyrinth of corridors and staircases and around the top of the wall. We had coffee and jam and cream scones, went for a stroll along a country path with some cows, played some soccer in the fields and we went on our boat tour to see the puffins.

The only cruise offered was an hour cruise that took you for a tour from the town, up the coast and did a lap around Puffin Island. As in all of these places there are pictures of all the puffins you are going to see and I’m imagining colonies of 1000’s of puffins but they were all hiding and we only saw 3. We were a little disappointed but ah well, there are puffins in Scotland too!

Our last stop in Wales was the town on Conwy. Conwy is also one of those quaint seaside historic towns and it holds one of the most complete and intact castles in Britain. We didn’t think it was as cool as the one in Beaumaris but it was good as all the rooms were labelled to what they would of been and you could climb up the really tall watch tower so that was cool too. Conwy is also surrounded by a city wall that you can walk on top of around the old town. There is a pretty docklands area, which if they did up and made it into a restaurant and cafe area it would be even nicer.

Well Wales was a nice surprise and I would recommend anyone coming over this way to visit and hopefully you have some better weather than us!

We are now off to the Lake District, another popular hiking area in the Mid West of the UK. Hopefully we have better weather there!

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