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Snow on the mountains, beginning of April Sechelt

Aaron's perogy creation

Working together

Unbelievable, frozen Yorkshires from a bag!

Our eagles have built a new nest across the street

Hail April 19

Start of the wall April 24

Artist at work

Working together again

Where there's a will, there's a way!

Finished wall

New barbeque

Kelly's lattice

Starting the stairs

Finished stairs

Pruning one of the hydrangeas

Building the veggie garden


Another bed

New life for an old rhodo


Planting the veggie garden

No more ivy

Our goose family

Very new goslings



All done!

This will be four different kinds of sunflowers



Two eagles tag-teamed to capture a merganser to feed the babies in...

No wonder it was so cold at Bridal Falls!

Tulip festival on Sea Bird Island


Cooking and watching TV

At Camperland Bridal Falls

We spent approximately a month at Pacific Border RV Park. The coach fit nicely into our old site. We spent a nice few weeks catching up with the dentist, the doctor (our old one retired while we were away) and many friends. We'd made so many good friends at the RV Park.

We also spent five days in Sechelt over Easter weekend. The Easter bunny visited too! While we were there the boys were struck by the gardening/landscaping bug and went nuts. You can see by the photos that they got a lot of work done. We even stayed an extra day things were going so well. Nature there continues to amaze. We saw one of our Canada goose families with a bunch of new babies - we'd never seen them while still yellow before. Maureen also witnessed an amazing tag team effort by two eagles to snag a merganser for dinner. The poor duck lost but it was incredible to watch. Eagles have re-nested in a big fir across the street. We don't know if these are our original nesting pair but it's great to have them.

We went back to Traveland to have a few little things fixed in the coach. There are always things that go a bit wrong when you buy a new RV.

We left Pacific Border on April 29 and headed for Camperland at Bridal Falls. Since we are members there we do not have to pay so that was nice! Larry's brother and wife were camping there so we ended up right beside them. There weren't many RV's in the park because it was early yet (not to mention the fact that it never stopped raining and was cold). We stayed there until May 10. While we were there Maureen got some good walks in, visiting areas where she used to walk with the dog. We also managed to re-locate a stray black cat which was hanging around. A nice little fellow who was very friendly, and very hungry. A friend of ours had been looking for a black cat and it took to her right away.

The day we left Bridal Falls we went back to Traveland. Some parts had arrived from Alabama and they had to be installed.

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