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They were flying hot air balloons over the city, so I snapped...

Heading out of Phoenix this morning...

Leaving the restaurant in Kingman, it looked like this! Poor visibility for...

Still raining...yuck

We've arrived at Hoover Dam, it is darkening fast for being 4pm...

Wow, Lake Mead is really down!...we were shocked!

This is the new bridge work they have been doing for sometime,...

It will cross the Colorado River, just below Hoover Dam, connecting Arizona...

We have arrived in Las Vegas. It was a long trip in as it started sprinkling shortly after leaving Phoenix & after hitting Wikieup it flat poured the rest of the way. The temperature dropped from 67 to 47 as we drove along as well. We stopped in Kingman for a bite of lunch & as we were sitting there it appeared as though a mighty fog rolled in. I think it was actually low hanging clouds but between the rain, poor visibility & the cold wind blowing it sure didn't make for much fun driving. And while I'm doing my bit of whining here, we managed to throw mud all over our nice clean rig! Urghhhh....ah well, at least the bugs weren't able to hang on to the wet, slick front of the 5'er today. Larry says they aren't out flying in the rain.

We arrived at 4:30pm, it was so gray & overcast it seemed like it was already dark. And it was still raining hard as we tried to get leveled & hooked up. My poor honey was absolutely soaked by the time he finished! As I look outside this morning it appears the rain has moved on but the wind is here for sure. The forecast calls for 20 mile per hour winds for today, clearing & mostly sunny tomorrow. So what's it like in your neck of the woods?

I have to give you a piece of advice this morning. Before we got on the road yesterday, Larry decided to change the anode in our hot water tank. Apparently you are supposed to change it each year. We were a bit overdue & this was one of our maintenance issues for this week. Well, we've been using our own fresh water all week so the pump was on. Shouldn't have been! And, apparently you are supposed to release a pressure relief valve as well. Well, when you are visiting while you work you aren't always as careful as you might be! Therefore, when you unscrew the old fitting, you get to take a calcium, water bath! And so does your visitor! Larry was covered with white splotches from head to foot. I got a good laugh over that one!

Anyway, I think everything is in good shape for now. The wheels are packed, the awning fixed, generator oiled, faulty airbag changed, new anode in hot water tank. All right, good for another year! Thanks to Southwest RV for all their hard work & thanks to Stan & Phyllis for sharing your beautiful home with us. And for all the great meals we had together. We had a wonderful time.

We also had the pleasure of spending a few hours having lunch with friends Jack & Barbara on Thursday. They brought their 5'er in to have an electrical problem fixed. They are in the Phoenix area for another couple of weeks before heading home to Ohio. We will see them again in the Black Hills this summer but we sure enjoyed seeing them here. I am so mad at myself, I brought my camera along to take some pics & we were so busy visiting I forgot to take any until they drove away! So, you'll have to trust me, they are a nice looking couple! LOL

We are really looking forward to seeing more of our family in the next few days to come. Son Larry & his wife Tawnia live here & we are having dinner together Sunday. My parents live 4 hours or so from here (in Ely), so after our Dr appts Monday & Tuesday we will head their way for a few days. Then back to Vegas. Then a short trip (90 miles) to Mesquite to see my sister Joyce & some other old friends as well. This is the good part about heading "home" for a month or so. And the shopping will be good, but the traffic will be bad! Today is our 22nd wedding anniversary. I am so blessed to have shared all of these years with this wonderful man. What a great husband! So, I hope I am going out for a wonderful meal.... It's too windy to cook...LOL

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