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Waiting for ferry

Seating area on ferry

Round mountains

Sunday, June 16

We boarded the 7 hour ferry from North Sydney, NS  to Channel-Port aux Basque, Newfoundland around 11 am and left at 11:45.

It was around 60 degrees. There were comfortable stuffed chairs around small tables for sitting.  You could also pay for a lounger or rent a cabin. It seems like that would be more appropriate for those sailing on the 11:45 pm boat or the truck drivers, but I think people did rent them.  There was a tv, but we didn't watch it. We enjoyed talking a lot of the time with Jerry and Janice, our campground neighbors from last night from Ontario. Periodically, we walked around the ferry, but it's not a very big area in which to walk.  There are side outside decks, with one being for smokers. We also went up to deck 10 outside, taking turns so one of us could stay with our stuff. You aren't allowed to be where you're parked when the ferry is going across, so everyone bought a bag of things you might want while aboard.  It was cool out on deck, but ok with my winter jacket. I could have used a hat in the wind. While up on deck 10, i saw 3-4 dolphins jumping in and out of the water like they were playing. I got a video, but I can't upload it here. The ride seemed smooth, but it was a wobbly walk at times.  Janice was feeling a bit seasick, but I didn't notice others if there were any. There were no drinking fountains available. I guess they wanted us to buy water. Luckily we both brought a drink to last us till dinner time. For lunch we brought sandwiches. For dinner we ate in the limited menu restaurant.  They were only open 1 hour. I had salad, fish and chips, and apple pie ala mode as it was the only dessert they had. The fish and chips was very delicious. Jim got a burger with cheddar cheese and bacon, and fries and of course, apple pie. We were off the ferry by around 6 pm. We camped a few miles away, at Grand Codroy Campground.  They had free firewood! We saw 2 Pleasureway Campers today, an older one like ours and one the people bought new, 9 months ago. It was really nice. Newfoundland is a half hour ahead of Nova Scotia time and 11/2 hours ahead of us. The land here is very different so far, with tall round mountains and lots of flat land. There was still some snow in the mountains.  It was 55 when we arrived. Will try to post pictures tomorrow. Internet keeps cutting out...

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