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Scarlet woodpecker

Caimen skull

Kitty swinging

Tom Tarzan

Red pod dye on Kitty

The red pod

The lodge

The walkway

Rainwater collector from roof

Direct TV

Parrot Amazonian

Kitty and friend

Black Curaffow

Kitty and sloth

The sloth


Purple martin mummuration

Flying very close


In the jungle

Soccer field

Three generation of Amerindians


Tarantula again

Up about 7:00 after a good night’s sleep and out for breakfast of eggs and toast. After breakfast we walked around the compound to look at what there might be. We found a caiman skull and lots of different flowers. We came upon a swing made from vines and at that point Fidel the guide showed up to walk with us and explain what things were. Both Kitty and I tried out the swing.

We came on a red seed pod and Fidel told us it was used for dye and painting – and it washed off. Kitty tried some on – quite bright (and difficult to wash off later!) Then we wandered down the nature trail – a series of boards put together over the swamp. Lots of land crabs and many vines. We saw a blue morpho butterfly zoom by as well.

Back to the lodge and off to visit the local village with Claude. When we got there it started to pour rain so we sheltered at the local teacher’s house for a bit. Then off through the village soccer field, which they were cleaning up, and to a local home. Four kids and a couple women. Three generations were outside and the rest of the kids were hiding in the house, We chatted a bitt hen headed off to pass by other houses – mostly on stilts and not in that great a shape.

Then to the center of the village where the houses (and bar) were in much better shape. Many of the homes had direct TV dishes. At one house the woman had “rescued” three parrots and was trying to tame them – clipped one wing. But the birds were friendly so we played with them a while.

Back to the resort and lunch and we noticed that the sloth was moving! We gathered around and took pictures – very interesting in their slow motion moves. Then on the porch I saw a bird on a nest and as we investigated found two eggs – one blue and one speckled. There were also “bat hawks” around – which eat small birds like the one on the nest.

We then asked Bruce if we could have a beer and not only did we have beers, he poured me a shot of El Dorado Rum. Kitty and I drank the beers (I drank the rum) then I went in to the room and fell asleep for an hour or so.

Then we headed off to visit parrot island – where hundreds or more of Amazonian parrots go to roost at night. They flew in in pairs for the most part and the noise was quite amazing. We then boated to another island and watched a mummeration of purple swallows getting ready to rest on the island for the night. Thousands of them. They flew and flew then came in in a huge group within feet of us – a number of flocks going by on both sides. The guide, much to our dismay, slapped his paddle on the water to scare the birds back into flight – three times. One group went o an entirely different island after the third scare.

Then as it was getting quite dark we went back to the lodge for dinner. We went and visited the tarantula again – she was in the same spot. At dinner one of our companions took it on herself to request a schedule change for tomorrow. We chatted with our overall guide Dave (who had dinner with us) and told him to do what he thought best.

Finally back to the room with cookies and cake. Another interesting day!

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