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Yeliseyevsky Gastronom (Food Hall)


The Bolshoi


The Ballet - Giselle

A City of Statues

And Domes

The Tsar Cannon - Largest Ever Cast

The Largest Bell Ever Cast

St Basils

Sea Urchin at White Rabbit

Three Types of Caviar

Dessert at White Rabbit - Brown Bread ice cream

Morning After Breakfast at GUM

St Basil

Russian Quartet at st Basil's

Red Square

Moscow Park

St Basil's

The Metropole - Home to A Gentleman in Moscow

Welcome to the heart of the Soviet Empire -

You know that the Geezer normally eats street food while traveling. However, on this trip I am branching out a bit, particularly in Moscow.

Coming in at # 15 on the World's Top 50 Restaurants is White Rabbit.

The fourteen course tasting menu at White Rabbit lives up to its reputation. Intense flavors, textures ... quite an experience eating alongside Oligarchs.

As do the Kremlin, Red Square, St Basil's Cathedral, the GUM Department Store ...

I also enjoy spending time in Yeliseyevsky's Gastronom, a Baroque food hall

The highlight for me is attending a performance of Giselle at the Bolshoi. It is their 975th performance of that ballet since 1944.

There are actually tourists here. Chinese tour groups occupy Red Square. But few Americans.

Impressions include

The safest pedestrians on earth live in Moscow. In Russia in general you are not taking your life in your hands to cross a street.

The Moscow drivers are incredibly proficient in changing lanes and merging ... politely. There is none of the macho bullshit we deal with.

Moscow may be the safest big city I've ever visited. No concern at all in walking anywhere at night in the center. The same has been true everywhere we've been.

Try that in San Francisco, Nashville, Destin ...


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