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Berchules from the other side of the valley.

View to the eastern Sierra Nevada

Cobbled Acequia

Lunch spot

Río Grande crossing

Cows of Berchules only cowboy

Today's forecast was below 10 degrees with possible rain and/or snow. So, the layers went on even though the sun was shining in the windows of the hotel in the morning. It did get cold and we did get one light shower of rain. Today's walk was 18km and took us to about 1800m. The lowest point 1230m.

Today was our last day of walking in the Alpujarra. Today's walk started and finished at the hotel. We turned left out of our hotel wandered through the village of Berchules. We walked up the valley and crossed Rio Los Berchules (Berchules River). We then climbed upwards on the other side of the valley and were rewarded with views across the the valley to Berchules and the surrounding farms. We also spied some ibex (wild goat) but not close enough for a photo.

We continued climbing up the valley to the Parque Nacional where we followed a forest road through pine trees. It started to feel colder as the wind picked up.

George found us a fabulous lunch spot jutting out from the side of the mountain and surrounded by pine trees. At first it was a sunny, sheltered refuge from the cold wind but after 15-20 mins the cold wind had everyone reaching for gloves, beanies and jackets. George suddenly had 11 very chilled people congregating around him, ready to move on.

We continued up the valley whilst descending towards the Rio Grande where we crossed back to the other side of the valley. Now we headed back down the valley but climbing upwards. We were happy to climb to warm up. We continued along undulating paths all the way back to Berchules.

Arrived back at the hotel just before 4pm - a record, apparently, as it was too cold to stop for too long.

We had a lovely afternoon sitting in the sun out the front of the hotel with a beer until the wind picked up again and the occasional drop of rain became the occasional snow drop.

Our final night at Hotel Los Berchules coincided with Good Friday so we were treated to a traditional Good Friday soup - Mackerel and chickpea. Main was swordfish and salad. And desert home-made chocolate and almond tart with strawberry ice-cream. Yum, yum, yum. A last night treat of chocolates and dessert wine. Troy and Len ensured the dessert wine didn't go to waste.

We all retired to around the fire and Len tested our knowledge of 60's, 70's and 80's trivia from 'The Chronicles of the 20th Century'.

A really enjoyable afternoon and evening with a lovely bunch of people. Went to bed at 11pm - our latest night.

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