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the countryside was always peaceful and colourful

male and female Nuraghi stones .... males are the smaller ones :-(

wipe your feet before entering

Nuraghi burial stones represent male and female .... no prize for working...

muddy rain....and our clothes weren't much better

Cagliari .... home to pink flamingoes

the drive around Sardinia's coastline.... gorgeous

coffee by the Mediterranean at Poetto Beach. Cagliari

'prickly pear' ..... still can't spoil the view

Nuraghi sites are always fascinating

Sardinian level crossing... chain across road .... attendant in stone hut :-o

peaceful pastures

Cagliari's old town had great alleys and tunnels to explore

the waterfront is popular in Cagliari

guess who finally found a supply of his favourite liqueurs

We zig-zagged our drive south to explore as much as possible of the Sardinian landscape and were well rewarded. The small towns and villages were always interesting but it was the countryside that had our attention. Not overly spectacular but green, undulating farmland with plenty of sheep and the ever present rocks.

The main attraction of the drive was a slight detour to an excavation site at Tamuli to explore the remains of a stone village with it's ceremonial areas and tombs dating back to the Nuragic Age between 1900 and 730 BCE. We finally had found the reason for the 7,000 odd stone structures dotting the island and known as 'nuraghis'. They are fascinating structures.

More excitement was in store for us in the form of tiny mud spots on our car and on us while walking around. We opted to stay with the car and continue driving but the 'spots' were increasing during sprinkling rain. It turned out that this was normal in these parts as wind blows in dust from African deserts then rain brings it down in muddy drops. It gets everywhere and makes cars absolutely filthy.

We and our clothes received a good washing that night. We took care of the car later.

Our new base in Quartu Sant'Elena was brilliant. A third floor apartment, comfy and very spacious. We were excited until the power dropped out …. twice …. on the first night. :-(

Just another oddity in many areas of Italy and Corsica where outlets provide limited supply.

You learn very quickly.

Temperatures actually reached 20 degrees during the drive south so a swim in the Mediterranean was becoming a slight possibility. Later coastal and inland drives provided more good weather along with great scenery.

Cagliari was a bigger town than expected and had a great old centre and fortifications. Walking steep alleys and stairways was interesting but took its toll. We were stuffed. More coffee breaks were needed.

The waterfront areas were spacious and flat so were very popular with everyone, including us.

And of course the shops were great.

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