2018 Lois & Fero's Nicaragua / Costa Rica Adventure travel blog




Another tough day dawns in paradise. Put on our uniform - bathing suit, check; sun dress, check; sun screen, check; coffee in hand, check and ready for the day. I am going to miss this place; the peacefulness, the relaxation, the simplicity of it all.

Misslady, Luz & Fatima are always smiling, laughing and ready to chat. We have a wonderful breakfast and back to the hard work of sunning our northern pale bodies. The sun is hot, however the pool feels like ice until our bodies adjust.

We strike up a conversation with Kimberlie, who originally from the US, is currently travelling throughout Central & South America. She has an apartment in Leon so we made a plan to meet Sunday evening for cuba libres which will be fun.

The balance of the day was spent by the pool or on our coveted patio.

Time for some local culture (or so we think) we are off to Bombora, a new restaurant that has a Nicaraguan trio playing tonight. We discover that it is owned by a Canadian fellow from Toronto - seems to be quite the Canadian community here. Marc, the owner, and his parents were very friendly and courteous however the 'local' elements dwindled quickly. Drink prices were similar to home, the food menu was chicken wings only (southern fried ones to boot), the Nicaraguan trio played American jazz, and all the patrons spoke English. Disappointed we took our tricycle transport back to the hotel.

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