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Rainbow this morning!

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Tues Jan 9

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About halfway across the ocean. 1,434 miles from LA 1,408 to Nuku Hiva.

The day started with some sunshine and a rainbow. We went outside in between showers and got a little more Ping Pong in. The Sports deck has become our favorite hide away. Not many people come up there so we tend to have it to ourselves. I did a little video to show the area, but I haven’t figured out how to upload it yet. After raining all day yesterday, it was nice to catch an hour of sunshine.

We did get see some wildlife. Mel and I watched Flying Fish leap and soar across the waves until the rain started. They can go 20-30 yards! Looked like they were surfing the waves. Also, there is a bird that has established itself on the front post on the ship. Mel and I saw it circling around while at breakfast. Later when we were up on the sports deck, a couple we had met at Manfredi’s came up in search of the bird. They said they have been watching it for 3 days on TV through the bridge camera. The naturist had told us that wildlife sometimes follow ships to catch whatever the ship disturbed.

We checked out the spa today. Went into the therapy pools, laid on the warm tile loungers and I went into the Snow room for about 3 minutes until Mel told me to get out. According to the Norwegian bathing tradition, you go into the hot (sauna, hot tub) and then do something cold. They have three cold choices, 1) Snow Room 2) Bucket dump 3) plunge pool. I tried the snow room which was fun. You are so hot, it doesn’t seem cold. I considered doing a snow angel, but the room is too small to lie down in. Mel declined to try any of them. We heard that on Sunday, a guy had a heart attack in the men’s spa going from the hot to the cold. We had heard an alarm over the loudspeaker but thought it was a drill. The word is that he didn’t make it.

Decided to start drinking down the beer list. There are many names I don’t know. Today I had Grimbergen Double Dark. It was pretty bitter. I didn’t finish it but then I don’t really like beer. Just figured if I was ever going to find a beer I like, this would be a good time to try as many as possible.

Had some of the best fried rice and Dan Dan noodles I have ever had. It was a specialty night at the Pool grill and the Asian cook was very good. At lunch was at the Pool grill too. Mel’s Mexican burger (guacamole, chipotle mayo) and my Mexican dog (pulled pork, guacamole, pico de gallo, crème fresh but I think they forgot the hot dog in it) were good too.

Internet was mostly down today so I will post more photos later.

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