Endless Botswana travel blog

The small pool at Hyena Pan, near the waterhole

Not many vervet monkeys so far

Need a hippo out of water shot

The long and not too winding road

-bit tired but up c 0530 to retrieve my items [not good for a sound sleep when you know important items are elsewhere], same having been pushed slightly for a brekkie tablemat

-showered, readied stuff for the trip to Maun, charging the camera battery and a browse through a Travel Africa magazine re Kafue, proofreading the version of a blog for this trip, all before 0700 brekkie; choosing pix will have to await Maun due to battery charging

-when the birders and the Viv/Penny combo sit in adjoining seats, they are yappy...STFU

-quiet game drive, in part the fact we were out 1.5 hours later

-the best vervet monkey shots of the trip

-zebras on the move

-banded mongoose seen but no pix

-looking at hippos, Mary thought they were like submarines...okay

-safari guides like Olly have little interest in discussions with independent campers

-the African fish eagle is a beautiful bird, often seen in flight

-giraffes and maribou storks next, followed by guinea fowl

-on a main road by 0950 but did see a black-backed jackal thereafter

-through Mababe, then seeing a skinny elephant

-loo stop and sandwiches Hyena Pan staff had prepared

-1122 and 75k to Maun

-over the vet fence, having to walk through some concoction

-at Shorobe met the tarmac again, the typical cone-shaped roof of traditional villages a thing of the past

-the size, colour and newness of buildings indicated the relative prosperity of Maun

-bottle shop for some drinking essentials

-at Maun Lodge by 1320, the check in procedure a bit all over the place but eventually into Giraffe section with an email home

-other type of plug in the room so to reception, Bokamoso coming to the room to scope out the problem rather than bringing along the solution [d/n realize a required plug was in the room]

-down for lunch, feeding lots of fish in particular to a mother cat and kitten; two buffets today not helping my view of Maun Lodge

-the lodge is large but not too much of an African feel though the swimming pool was welcome

-got some reading done before computer time with G+T

-down to the Brits' room for more beverages and then down to dinner, the cats also there

-after the meal, all the rest leave [yet again] either too cheap or old to drink [though Viv and Penny suspected of booze in their room]

-back to the Brits' room for a night cap and then computer time, the blog site a bit wonky

-it was the worst day for three reasons: 1) it was an A to B travel day and 2) the end point was a step down from where we left and 3) Maun Lodge is quite nice but it has no safari feel

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