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It is our last week here in Tucson and we have packed the calendar with things we want to do one more time and things we haven't gotten to. Yesterday we went to the final artisan market. It took place downtown with 400 vendors spread across five blocks. We stopped for lunch at an outdoor cafe and were surrounded by proud grandmas and grandpas listening to a high school mariachi band that played and sang well. Their tip jar was full by the time we finished eating and they finished performing their peppy music. Many of the vendors sold jewelry and after all the hours we spent at the rock and mineral show, we knew exactly where the raw materials had come from. We continue to be impressed by how lively Tucson is. Probably the activity dies down in the summer, but while we have been here there has always been something interesting to do.

Today we did our final campground sponsored bike ride. We rode out the back gate onto the paved bike trail and into town to the University of Arizona campus. It was a good day to visit since it is spring break here and we pretty much had the campus to ourselves. The main quad was full of white tents being set up for the book fair scheduled for this weekend. We'll be sorry to miss it. The tents obscured the outline of the USS Arizona that sank in Pearl Harbor and is honored here. A brick wall had plaques listing the names of all who perished on that fateful day. We took our rest break at the Mercado, a square surrounded by buildings housing restaurants and shops. Our bike group took the place over and we had our final feast of mini corn tacos filled with bacon, avocado and salad. I could eat them every day.

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