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Visiting TCU

Ossy and Murphy wrestling

Dinner with Bec

Audrey in the New Orleans shirt I gave her

Mr. A with my babies

With A boy after his last football game

Celebrating Dad's birthday

In between my travels, I took some time to spend with family and friends in Oklahoma City. The trip started with a tour of TCU with Audrey and Kay, then on to OK for a few weeks.

Ossy and Presley met their new cousin, Murphy (Kay's dog). It was love at first sight for Murphy and Os. The pics don't do it justice as watching them wrestle with each other and over a bone was hysterical. Yes, my baby, Presley felt left out. So, she made sure everyone knew she was around with her consistent barking!!

Family time...well, first off, mother and I didn't kill each other! Yes, I had to work on her Mac. Yes, I had to work on her iPhone and iPad. Yes, I had to work on her new home phone system. We even worked on organizing her will/trust/personal info. It is a good thing I went blonde cause I would be a bit grayer now, no doubt. To pay her back, I made sure the dogs shed as much as possible in her house!!! I'm just kidding...yes, all that happened, but we had a great time. We almost made it the whole time without incident, but I guess we left the dogs alone a bit too long the night before I left cause they decided they wanted some of that straw doll mom had on her entry chest. They did look a bit guilty when we got home, but they didn't totally destroy it...I do have well trained dogs, after all! :))

I finally got to see Adam play football...3 different games. He had one amazing pass and just looked like a little stud out on the field. I also got to see a nail biter game with Becky in Norman watching her son, Riley play freshman football. Miss Audrey...growing up way too fast for me. I was grateful she blessed with me with her presence some while I was in town (we did have some great sushi). Kaymon and me also got to hang out quite a bit. She doesn't like my blonde short hair one bit, but did admit I was more fun as a blonde!!!

Also shared a couple of dinners with cousin, Shari. Ironically, Shari joined me and mom for my favorite Nomad's pizza one Saturday evening. Nomad's has been special to me for many years, and we even had my bachelorette celebration there. Well, we found out on Monday that Nomad's closed down!!! What timing to have one last great pizza with them 2 days before they closed!

Besides the nail biter, got to spend some brief time with Bec in Norman at the football game and dinner. Never enough time, but always a great visit with her!!!

I came oh so close to joining Kay for a week in Düsseldorf, Germany. I was pumped! I happened to bring my passport with me and mom was willing to keep the dogs. Dang Ohio State! It was the Monday after the OU/Ohio State game and since I was riding on a buddy pass, I got booted off all the flights to Atlanta due to all the Ohio State fans heading back home. Dad was stationed in Düsseldorf, so it seemed meant to be. Oh So Close!

Lastly, I got to spend Daddy's birthday with the family (minus Ang). We went to his favorite spot...The Shack...for dinner. He would have been 83 dammit! (That was for you daddy!)

I loved my time in Okie City, but will be back soon to help mom with her hip surgery in November. As much as I love it, the climate and me just do not gee ha, as once again, I was sick with allergies the entire time I was in Oklahoma. It is a killer!!!

As October begins, I'm headed north to visit a few states I have never been to and catch up with some old friends on the way.

More to to all!


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