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After a winter and spring of mostly nice weather we are literally chillin' in the kind of weather you stereotypically think of when you think of Seattle. Although the campground was full last night, the first night of Memorial Day weekend, some folks have already given up and left. Yesterday we were visited by an old friend from early in our teaching days. He was our student, but now it's more appropriate to think of him as a friend. He's lived in Seattle for most of his adult life, but has stayed in touch as much as you can from a distance. We were grateful that he was willing to drive well over an hour to come here to see our new-ish motor home and catch up. While we were discussing the exterior of the motor home a couple came over with a bottle of wine and introduced themselves as long time listeners of our podcast. We were astonished as we always are when this happens and our friend accused us of pre-arranging this encounter.

As he took us on a scenic tour of the Anacortes area the sun broke through the clouds. There are so many islands and coves here; water both salty and fresh. It's a real recreation spot and place to enjoy the outdoors. Mid afternoon traffic picked up considerably as RV's of all sorts arrived to enjoy the state parks and boat launches.

Our campground is on an Indian reservation, which means a casino must be nearby. We stopped in for their all you can eat seafood buffet. They had three different kinds of crab legs and it was fun to compare their subtle taste differences. They probably lost money on us.

In light of the forecast we've decided to sneak out of here tomorrow morning, when good people are in church and families still trying to celebrate the holiday are wherever they intended to do that. Once we get east of Seattle, there will be less people to compete with for road space and we have a great boon docking spot all picked out just over the Montana border. Fingers crossed that climbing through the mountains doesn't delay us too much.

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