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watching rice planting

this planter kept turning around to see if I was watching

carving at the Lake Palace

various views

through the doorway

climbed the 95 stairs to see the view

up on the top

just in case you run short of fuel

my new best friends

Last temple of the day-for sunset pictures

How those stairs look from the top

carving at the midpoint

the sunset we waited so long to see

gotta love it! Doritos in disguise

A couple anecdotes from yesterday's tour around. Petrol stations are few and far between in Bali, so many who live along the road have set up sales of fuel. Containers of gasoline are set up on a display for motorcycles to stop when their tanks are low. Handy for drivers who are a long way from a station and short on fuel.

Next is the tale of my new BFF's. While wandering around the Lake Palace trying to find interesting photo opportunities, I come across a group of young women visiting from Malaysia. They were paused briefly in their photo taking, so as I walked in front of the cell phone they were putting on a tripod, I photobombed their picture. They were so enamored with my hutzpah the chased me down an asked me to be in their photo (s)..ALL of them. They handed all of their cell phones to our driver, Dean, so he could take a photo of all of us with each one! Almost the celebrity status I gained in India.

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