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First Sign showing we're going to Alaska!! (and a lot of rain...

Mile Zero Visitor Center, Dawson Creek BC, Canada

Sat., June 11th, we made it to Dawson Creek, BC, Canada today. There was quite a bit of heavy rain on the way, the truck & camper not looking so shiny anymore. We found our way to the Northern Lights RV Park and will stay here 4 nights to give us an opportunity to r & r, as well as see the sights here, and there are many! Again, the RV park advertises free wifi, but we cannot get a good enough connection to even update the trip journal while sitting in the "luxury" of our camper, so we have to pack up the lap top and go to the laundry room, not our idea of a good time, plus, Jane finds too many people to talk to and gets nothing else done (imagine that!). When we arrived at our campground, we had to set up the camper in the rain (by setting it up, leveling, hooking up the elec., etc.),

while we would like to see nothing but sunshine every day, this experience does not even compare to setting up a tent, by the headlights of a motorcycle, in the rain...ahhh, the good old days!!

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