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Leaving Florence

Our first gondola!

At the train station

On the water bus


The Grand Canal

Grand House on the canal

St. Mark's square

View from our room

St. Mark's square at night


Madonna and Child

Bridge of sighs

Leaning tower of Venice


We ate lots of food!

Up at a reasonable hour and have a bit of breakfast then catch a cab to the train station. Another fast train with very comfortable seats and stewards. We zoomed across Italy and finally on a long causeway that leads to Venice. Once there Ches saw and abandoned bag and reported it, but nothing. We decided to buy the two day water bus pass then got in line on the dock waiting for our ship to come in. Missed the first but got the second.

We travelled down the Grand Canal passing all manner of boats and houses – most rather decayed near the water line but still quite lovely. Some very fancy but most rather plain. We traveled almost the entire length of the Grand Canal to our dock at St. Mark’s Square. Raining.

We grab out suitcases and head off to find our hotel – and realize we have no idea where it might be! We get out maps and papers and addresses but no luck. I finally go and buy a new map and still no help. We end up going to the local Tourist Information booth and they gave us a map. We wandered toward where we thought it might be, then asked a waiter, a grocery store owner, and at another hotel until we finally found it. We had actually passed it several times! Hotel San Zulian (San Marco 535).

The rooms were clearly stuck into available space, Ches’ room had a wind open area behind the shower that seemed to serve no purpose. Our room had a staircase leading up from the door (with one of the steps partially cut away to allow the door to open) and another three steps up to a sitting room. The room itself had a gentle rocking motion – rather disquieting but it was over 500 years old so it would probably make it another couple nights.

After we got mostly settled we headed out to wander the town, Up and down the plazas fronting the Grand Canal. Lots of folks selling umbrellas, laser pointers, squishy toys, and knock off purses. Only saw one beggar though. Almost every shop had masks but almost all the same.

We ate some dinner late(Al Vecio Portal Trattria)and listened to some music in the square. We sat outside the band stand and a waiter came over so we ordered some drinks and desserts (Palezza Ducale San Marco), then headed off to find our hotel – and got lost again.

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