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Canadian Flag in Riverfront Park

SIgn on Canada Island

Totem Pole on Canada Island


Enjoying the View

Gondolas over falls


Bridge over Falls

Gondolas Under Bridge

Christine at Waterfalls in poark near Spokane Falls

Squirrel near Falls

We had breakfast and left for Spokane. You forget how small cities can be and after I turned off the Interstate, I was at the road to the Riverfront Park before I realized it.

We parked in an out door lot and walked through the park across the bridge to Canada Island - so named as it was the site of the Canadian display for the Expo held here in 1974. We looked at the falls and saw what appeared to be a cafe across the river which looked appealing for lunch. We walk back over another bridge, then crossed the river on yet another bridge and went to what turned out to be a sea food restaurant called Anthony's, the same name as the one we had frequented in San Diego. The waitress did not think they were connected, and a search of the web appears to support her view, but the name and logo appear very similar, and the menu, while not identical, had very similar dishes. We enjoyed the obligatory fish and chips and enjoyed the view of the falls

We walked back over the bridge and went into a shopping mall and browsed there for a while. Christine found a store she had been looking for and got some clothes- like she did not bring enough from home? I got pants in Nordstrom like ones I had got in San Diego and seemed to fit well.

We walked back through the downtown to the car and headed for the campground. We put away some things we had anticipated using for dinner, but lunch being what it was, we only needed a sandwich.

Christine proof read the newsletter and I made the corrections while we watched television and had a walk when it cooled off.

Tomorrow we head for Pasco for the one night before setting up on Monday in Cascade Locks for a few days.

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