2014 Great Circle Tour travel blog

Ringo is back

Blue bonnets in the Old Livingston Cemetery

Grave marker for 100 year old Civil War veteran

Field of blue bonnets

Statues in the blue bonnets

Great news today, we found Ringo. He was lost, but never left Winnie. He appears to have spent the last 2.5 days hidden in the dashboard of Winnie. When we first noticed he was "missing", I looked under the dash on the drivers side where there is a lot of room to climb under. The night before last while I was writing the blog, I though I heard some scratching on the passengers side of the dash. I got into the passengers seat and stood on my head to look under the dash, but couldn't see the cat or anywhere he could get up there. Last night I fell asleep on the couch, and when I woke up I head some louder scratching from the same area. I thought we might have mice or a squirrel. Since it was dark, I flipped open my iPad to give me some light and a dark cat flashed by and ran to the bedroom. It was Ringo! I woke up Sue and she tried to coax him up on the bed to see if he was okay. At 2:00 AM we had to get out the litter box, food and water. He needed all three after his time in the dashboard. Today I was able to get a picture of him. It's actually the first time I've seen all of him since we got him a month ago. The mystery has been solved and Ringo seems none the worse for the wear.

We went out for dinner with Rudy and Linda to celebrate Sue's birthday. On the way back we stopped at the Old Livingston Cemetery, to get some picture of the blue bonnets which were in bloom. Blooming blue bonnets are classic Texas spring. It was active from the mid-1800's to about 1940. There are 25 Republic of Texas citizens, 2 Mexican War veterans, and 30 Civil War veterans buried there. One, a Chaplain in the 4th Texas Cavalry, was 100 years old when he died.

After getting back to Rainbow's end we took a short driving tour of the site. The most unique feature of this RV park is the Care Center. It's an assisted living center for those who have hung up the keys, but still want to live in their RV. Volunteers provide daily services to include meals for those staying at the Care Center. It was nice to visit Rainbow's End and we look forward to another opportunity to visit in the future.

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