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On the way to the sea

The beach

On the sea

The road in the village

Mounted and ready!

Lunch on the beach

At the farm

Woken by Abel telling us we were late – but we were never told a time! Group all there waiting. Jesus made us sandwiches to take and we to the bus and off to the beach at an old hotel. We had planned to do some snorkeling but the surf was too high. A beautiful beach but very hot. Ella did some stretching and I took a walk down the beach.

Ella gives a massage to Elaine and I buy a bunch of pizzas and fresh pineapple – haggle a bit. Eat mine and give Ella some but she said I didn’t understand what she was doing and threw it away. Not the best beach experience. Back to Jesus’ place for a quick stop then off for a horse ride!

We were met by Carlos – our guide – and we walked through broken streets to the stables. Lots of kids and dogs. My horse was “Margarita” – the lead horse. Carlos could speak little (if any!) English so off we go with little instruction (left, right, halt was it). Then we started off. David was very nervous. Maggie uncomfortable, the rest apprehensive (I was fine for some reason – I really don’t like horses all that much). We immediately entered the jungle with lots of “Holy Shit” and “Jesus” from many folks – especially Maggie. Rocky trail and long. Carlos was yelling at everyone and of course no one could understand. Not helpful. Ella’s stirrup fell off… We crossed a couple of streams, rail road tracks, and rode through some sugar cane fields.

We stopped in a small settlement and watched sugar cane juice being rung from the cane. Have a glass but at 2.50 CU a bit expensive. Nice glasses though – made from old rum bottles! Saw a bunch of farm stuff then a man played his guitar for us. Mounted up and continued on.

Off to the waterfall. Trail went up and down and was very rocky. We finally dismount and wall about 200 yards to the falls. A pool with a nice falls. Carlos jumped from a ledge about three meters up. Ella helps me get on my suit (rocks hurt my feet) then I jump. Then Ella goes up, decided not to jump, starts down, then jumps screaming all the way. We swim about a bit the Ella gives out medicine (pain pills!), food, and general care. Then back down the trail to the horses.

Long trip back. Maggie’s horse stumbles. Ella’s kept trying to buck. Shouts of “Ajoe” and other strange things throughout. I asked David why he referred to his horse as “him” when her name was Tina. He said he would never ride a girl (he’s gay). I had no trouble at all with my horse.

Finally get back to the stable and dismount. Carlos takes us as far as the internet café where Maggie buys us all a beer! Back to Jesus’ where we missed the scheduled salsa lesson. We have a nice buffet dinner with lobster, shrimp, chicken, fried rice, fruit, mojitos (3 or 4) and cigars. Singer from two nights ago was there again and sand. Our favorite was “Che Guevara at Santa Clara.” But there were too many carnival bands playing so he only got in two or three songs. Talked to Joe about religion and other simple topics.

We all wandered down to the local square and were let in a bar area that was closed to the locals. All thelocals outside were dancing and partying. We had 4 or 5 daiquiris. Ella and I dance and then we all dance with local folks. Ella does “the worm” on the street – quite funny. We buy four beers and head out as the crowd breaks up. Then back to a bar for one more drink and back to home stay. First time we got back without being lost! We sat on the veranda with the lights out talking with David and Maggie long into the night. Maggie decided to try to sleep in one of the hammocks – she made it to 3:30 AM.

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