The Channel Country August 2013 travel blog

Pajero damage

Country help

Please take care

Main Street Quilpie

Dinner & Show Quilpie Park

Campsite Quilpie

A quiet day today after the long & exciting trip yesterday. A new headlight is being transported from Brisbane to Longreach and will arrive there about the same time that we plan to. Very costly item (over $1700) just for the headlight. This will definately have to be an insurance claim.

Quilpie seems to be a friendly town, though very dusty and dry. We are starting to miss seeing green fields instead of the red dirt.

The water in these outback towns comes from artesian bores, so has a distinctive sulphur smell. We have been assured that it is safe to drink, however we are opting to boil it first before drinking. The water does seem to make softer hair after a shower.

We went along to the dinner around the campfire tonight. Great roast beef and vegetables and fantastic entertainment by a couple of Country singers and bush poets. These men regularly perform in Tamworth at the Country Music Festivals.

Again we met up with fellow travellers who were full of interesting tips on places to stay and things to see.

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