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Paros Nightlife

Fishing Boats

Boats to the Aegean Islands leave from the nearby community of Piraeus. I was told the trip to Paros would be a "few hours"......which turned into a gut-wrenching 8 as we stopped at various and sundry islands on the way. The seas were quite rough and I made the mistake of having some very rich coffee and yogurt for breakfast which didn't stay in my stomach for long. I spent most of the trip on deck!

My first glympse of Paros was magical. A typical Greek island village, whitewashed with flashes of brilliant turqoise and teal, met my gaze. Maze-like alleys connected the village and it appears that all of the buidings are somehow connected. It was evening, and all the alley were choked with tables and chairs lit with tiny candles. Music floated through the air punctuated with laughter and conversation.

I found a spartan room and went out to soak up the atmostphere -- and the ouzo!

I struck up a conversation with two women from the U.S. who were in trouble with a local jeep rental company. They had rented a jeep but had gotten it stuck in some sand and damaged the axle. Not only could they not get the jeep unstuck, the rental company had their passports and weren't giving them back. We had a drink together and talked about the options.....not many I'm afraid. It was a good lesson for me to learn vicariously!

I've been walking around the island a bit, enjoying the beaches and just hanging out. Yesterday, I took a smaller boat to the nearby island of Antiparos

which was pretty cool. It was a small fishing village with very colourful characters and lots of fish.

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