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Siem Reap in the North West of Cambodia is your portal to the remains of the once great Angkorian Empire. This welcoming city is

adorned with myriad markets, artisans, bars and restaurants and is very accessible to the casual wanderer along it's colorful streets

and lane ways.

Ruling much of South East Asia for over 500 years from the 8th to the 14th Centuries, the Khmer Emperors built successively more

magnificent temples and cities. Throughout Days 4 and 5 your knowledgeable, licensed, local Khmer guide will lead you through the

pages of history as you explore these amazing edifices, explaining the stories, examining the intricate carvings and the towering

monoliths that time forgot. From the awe inspiring Angkor Wat as the sun rises over the worlds biggest religious building, to the

'Tomb Raider Temple', Prum Bayon, swallowed by the jungle over the aeons that it remained undiscovered, you will be captivated by

these archeological wonders.

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