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Crator Lake. Vivid Blue.

Heading for the top!

Flying high heading for the summit

An active volcano.

Cloud sweeps over the top.

Snow covered terrain.

Bleak landscape.

Touch down on river bed in middle of Mountains

Our pilot guide.


Look back in AWE!

Moorland - Tongiriro

Over the treetops, looking at Lake Taupo.

Incredible Scenery at Tongiriro

Tongiriro Chateau at Whakapapa Village

What a view!

Had to stop the car and pick my jaw up from the...

Huka Falls, Lake Taupo.

Power and colour stimulate all the senses.

This is what it is all about, this is why I came. The landscape here is like nothing I have seen anywhere else in the world. It is just awesome and inspiring. The Volcano's are surrounded by a vast moor or bog, not dissimiliar to our own bogs, but on a bigger scale and with totally different vegetation. I was expecting Gollum to jump out at me at any moment. and..wait for it.....YEAH...I've flown a fantastic helicoptor trip around Mount Ruapehu, my first helicoptor trip, ever.

See the photo's .....they explain everything. I don't know how I am going to edit all the photo's, only 1 week gone and have taken over 150.

Flew right around the main crator, 2797 metres, 9200 ft.What a fantastic day, I am still on a high and am doing these entries in the town of Toupo, next to the biggest lake in NZ. Afterwards visited the Huka Falls, quite spectacular.

The great volcanic plateau, which also features both Mount Tongariro, 1968 metres, and Mount Ngauruhoe, 2291 metres,was digitally altered to become the home of Lord Sauron, the land of Mordor. Mt Ngauruhoe was altered to appear as Mount Doom. In addition to Mordor, the following were also filmed in this eerie and barren terrein; Emyn Muil, Ithilien Camp, Door of Sammath Naur and, futher south in the Rangipo Desert is Blackgate, orc army scenes. Whakapapa Village was the encampment for the film crew.

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