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Carpe Diem shoehorned in a Palm Springs Oasis space

Carpe at Palm Springs Oasis with mountains in background

Driving thru Phoenix on I-10

In the Phoenix Tunnel on I-10

Driving by the Black Bear Restaurant in west Phoenix

Welcome to the State of Graffitti er, California

California Fruit Inspection
If you ask us, they've already got too many fruits...

Nancy at Palm Springs airport

Sandi's parents used to own this condo
They lived in Palm Springs until...

Snow dusting mountains above Palm Springs

Bob and Shel with snow-dusted mountains in background

We lunched at Frickleburger... Yummy

Frickleburger fries & onion rings

Sandi had the chili & jalapena burger

Palm Springs Tramway car

Tram car and tower

Palm Springs from top of tramway

At top of tramway

Snow at top of tramway

Sandi at tramway

Bob training Shel in retirement

Carpe Dinkum awaits "bra" fitting

Coastline Cover technician performs initial fitting

Marking cover for towing cutouts

Towing cutouts cut and reinforced

Bob helps with final fitting

A kettle of hawks nested near Coastline Cover

Sat, 25 Feb: We actually set the alarm clock and got out of our nice cozy bed before sunrise! The sacrifices we make...

We had the rig mostly ready to roll as we'd been on the road yesterday. We'd also hooked up the car the night before, so all we had to do was the brake and light tests. Hence, after a quick breakfast we started the engine and again waited for the right rear jack to retract. If that jack continues to be a problem we may have to revisit Lake Havaseu City for some 3Ts TLC. It finally retracted and we rolled wheels.

Bob got the "honor" of driving through Phoenix. I-10 skirts the downtown area and includes a tunnel that burrows beneath some of the civic center. With great restraint Bob did not sound the air horn in the tunnel. Good Bob!

We survived (being a Saturday helped) and soon we were rolling westward along I-10. We switched drivers east of Quartzsite and then stopped for diesel in Erenburg just on the Arizona side of the state line (Exit #1). While it cost us $4.109/gallon with our Pilot discounts, it is still almost 30¢/gallon less than in California. Thankfully we have enough diesel to get us back to Arizona so we won't have to pay California prices.

After fueling we crossed into California and immediately stopped at their fruit & veggie (agriculture) inspection station. We had pretty much run all our produce down, but we weren't inspected so we still had a few apples and such. Most states welcome you with free maps and such while the "Golden State" raids your fridge...

We stopped for lunch in a rest stop and arrived at the Palm Springs Oasis RV Resort (in Cathedral City) at 1230, to find the office closed for lunch. At 1330 they reopened and we got checked in to our spots (yes, spots, this place is so tight that we are parked "caddywompus" across two spots.) Fine with us, plenty of room this way.

After settling in we made a Costco run. Since we'd let our produce run out we needed to restock. What a zoo, but it was a Saturday afternoon. And the gas lines for Costco gasoline at "only" $4.089/gallon...

Back to the coach for happy hour and a relaxing balance of the day. We were in bed by 2100 (really 2200 Arizona time).

Sun, 26 Feb: We slept in and snuggled for quite a while before finally getting on with our day. A nice relaxing breakfast. Then off to WalMart for some victuals we didn't find at Costco.

We're now back at the coach awaiting the arrival of Sandi's sis; Nancy. She's flying in for a few days, and her hubby Shel is right behind her (they couldn't get bookings on the same flights). That's the reason we're here is to spend time with them. We're "stoked"!

We picked up Nancy at the airport. Her flite was an hour late, but what else is new? We grabbed a late lunch. On the way back to the airport we stopped by the home that Sandi and Nancy's parents owned when they lived in Palm Springs. A lot of nostalgia.

We then returned to the airport to fetch Shel. His flite was on time. Once they got checked into their hotel we headed to our coach for quality visiting and dinner.

Mon, 27 Feb: We picked up Shel at the hotel and brought him back to the coach for breakfast. Nancy will be tied up with her conference all day, so the three of us got to spend the day together. The weather was threatening with storms and high winds predicted as a winter storm passed through Southern California.

We spent most of the day in the coach excepting a quick trip to Costco for their quality lunch. For dinner we went to a local Mexican restaurant, Casa Blanca. We'd return as the food was quite good. Following dinner we took Shel back to the hotel and returned to the coach for a quiet evening.

Tue, 28 Feb: The day dawned bright and sunny. Yesterday's storm left a dusting of snow on the San Jacinto mountains. That is always a lovely sight and we took some pix (see pix).

We picked up Shel and again breakfasted at the coach. We spent the morning reading and working on our computers. Shel did some updating of his computer using the park's wireless internet access. For lunch we tried a new (for us) local burger joint. Frickleburger has several burger choices on which you can then add a vast array of extras (cheese plus six are included). It was excellent, and the service really great. We may return before departing the area on Saturday.

After lunch we took the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. Neither of us had been to the top of San Jacinto via the tram, so this was a first. It was pricey ($22+/person senior rate), but well worth it.

The tram rises 6,000' from 2,500' to 8,600'. The temperature was in the high thirties, and much of yesterday's snow was still around. The views of Palm Springs from the upper station were incredible. Glad we did it...

Then back to the coach to wait for Nancy to finish her conference. We picked her up at the hotel about 1700 and drove to dinner at an "OK" seafood restaurant (overpriced and overcrowded). Then back to the coach for dessert and lotsa talk, yucks, and good times. We took them back to their hotel about 2130 and back home to bed.

Wed, 29 Feb: Happy Leap Year!

We didn't set an alarm as we weren't picking up Shel for breakfast. Instead, we had breakfast on our own, and then picked up Shel at 0900 and drove him to the airport to catch his flight.

After taking Shel to the airport we returned to the coach for a short while and again drove to the hotel to pick up Nancy and deliver her to the airport. Then back to the coach for lunch and a lazy afternoon (well, we did do laundry) and evening. We were both bushed and climbed into bed about 2100.

Thu, 01 Mar: We got up when the mood struck us rather than to some obligation. Actually, we were out of bed a bit before 0700 but, because we wanted to get up rather than had to get up it felt much better.

After breakfast we drove to Rancho Cucamonga to have the new tow car cover we purchased fitted to Dinkum (see pix). We bought the full frontal cover (bra?) in preparation of this summer's Alaska trip. Folks who've made the trip warned us about Carpe throwing up stones and gravel. We hope this'll save us a paint job next fall.

They did a great job of custom fitting the cover to our tow bar and the various hookups for electricity and air brakes. We'll try it out on Saturday when we drive to Yuma. Stay tuned.

Now back at the coach for an afternoon of computer chores. Time for the monthly Missive, so that'll be our priority.

More anon...

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