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Look How Small the Hills in the Distance Are!

My Backyard Saturday Night

Sunset on the Yellowstone

On Saturday I left North Dakota and headed into Montana. Those of you who have traveled out West or in the Southwest know how vast and empty many parts of our country can be, but it is really something to behold. On many two-lane highways it's no problem to stop right on the middle of the road in order to jump out and snap a picture of something that catches your eye. Don't tell anyone but it sort of makes rest stops obsolete as well!!

On Saturday night I camped right on the banks of the Yellowstone River with just me and one other family having the river to ourselves. The family was fishing and caught some walleyes while I just sat on the shore and read my book and enjoyed the scenery.

The Yellowstone is particularly noteworthy because it is the only major river in the West that has not been dammed so it is flows more or less the same as in the days of Lewis & Clark (of course rivers do tend to change course with time).

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