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the price is right at this park.

The Ramnes home has trees you don't see in Minnesota.

Catching up on old times.

"Uncle Jerry" Dessin.

Telling tall tales during happy hour.

An early morning visitor.

March 28, 2011: Sunday morning in Lake Placid, Florida. We pulled in about noon yesterday, right into Dave and Helen's driveway. Knowing we were coming, their mini-van was parked on the lawn. I haven't seen these folks for 4 years, when I flew down one winter day to avoid the -20° weather in Minnesota. Hazel hasn't seen the Ramnes family for maybe 20 years. It didn't take long to feel right at home, we talked about the kids, the old days in International Falls, and our mutual friends, some of whom are no longer alive.

As the temperature headed above 80°, Dave and I ducked into the air conditioned motorhome for a cold beer. The photo on the wall outside our motorhome bathroom prompted a discussion about "Uncle Jerry", a realtor in the Falls, known as quite a raconteur. The dictionary defines that term as "a person who is skilled in relating stories and anecdotes interestingly", and that sure describes Jerry Dessin. Jerry was a mutual friend who died several years ago, and the guy would be a good subject for a book or movie. Hazel has mentioned to me on more than one occasion that I should spend a month up in the Falls and go around interviewing people that knew Jerry, they would all have an interesting story to tell.

Hazel and Helen headed off to attend Saturday evening church services at the local Catholic Church, which I thought was pretty ecumenical of Helen, a Protestant. When the girls returned (they'll always be girls to me), they told of a great sermon and seating right down front in the first row. Good thing Hazel took money along for the collection.

After a great Lasagna dinner, and with daylight gone, Hazel and headed back to our home in the driveway. I slept like a log, Hazel, not so much, as usual.

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