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Gondolka Fort

Lynn and I at the top of Gondolka Fort

Enjoying my 2nd ice cream of the day--no lunch

Trying on jewellry in the Lad Bazaar

Sunday, January 9, 2011, Hyderabad

Up early and over to the gym. Ravi was there and I asked if FES had arranged to get yoga mats. He promised to look into it.

At breakfast Ayari and Anna said they were joining friends who had rented a van to see some of the Hyderabad sites. They had extra space so Lynn and I joined them, out again into the crazy traffic. We had an accident on the way to Golkonda Fort. Our driver rear-ended a car. Lynn was sitting in the front seat and was thrown to the front of the van. Luckily she wasn't seriously small but had a small cut on her lip and some bruising. We waited at the side of the road while the driver exchanged info with the driver of the car he rear-ended and then were on our way. We toured Golkonda Fort (10,000 people a day visit) and then went to the heart of the city to Charmarin and the Laad Bazaar. See Our guide at the Fort described how the Kings lived with their armies and harems. After walking up the interminable steps to the top of the hill, I wished I were queen and could be carried up in a litter or palanquin. Anyway, I made it to the top on my own steam to an amazing view. We braved the traffic again and wound our way around the Charmarin and crazy Lad Bazaar with its pearl and bangles dealers, among a whole lot of other merchants ands goods ( We had only 1/2 hour because we had to get the rental vehicle back, so Lynn and I dodged the traffic to try on some jewelry. Didn't buy anything, but want to go back. They have a few crafts people selling at the conference site.

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