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Along Balboa Avenue




My guesthouse

Last Thursday afternoon I flew back to Panama City for one day and two nights. I was basically on my way to the San Blas islands and needed a day to do laundry and get things organized.

This time I stayed in a little guesthouse (La Casa de Carmen) instead of a youth hostel. It was much quieter and more relaxing than Hostel Mamallena. Friday afternoon I decided to take a taxi into downtown and check out the area with all the tall buildings that I had seen from afar a month ago. Well, I was sorely disappointed. Downtown Panama City is a terrible place to walk around: construction everywhere, gutted sidewalks with cars parked over them, few traffic lights (and tons of honking cars) and of course the constant heat and humidity. There is absolutely nothing of interest to tourists in these parts, with the possible exception of a nice church called Iglesia de Carmen. Even Calle Uruguay, which is supposed to be the great nightlife street looked like nothing special at all and I can't imagine it looking that different at night.

I should have stayed in the hammock!

Saturday morning I had to get up at the insane hour of 4 am to catch a 6 am flight to El Porvenir, gateway to the San Blas islands where I had booked a 2-day sailing trip.

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