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Tehachapi windmills

California orchards

General Sherman sequoia tree

Between Death Valley and Sequoia/King's Canyon National Park, we drove through Tehachapi with 4500 windmills on it's hills. I thought they made for an interesting landscape.

This part of California is orchard and vineyard country - oranges, lemons, pistachios, and it's just beautiful. As far as the eye can see - up to and including the bottom part of the surrounding mountains - are green patches of perfectly lined up trees, from 6" tall to 6' tall and grape vines trained on perfectly placed stakes.

Getting into the Sequoia part of Sequoia/King's Canyon NP was one of our biggest challenges so far with it's narrow,winding road. Bob does a great job of manuevering our too big rig, while I work at cutting off all circulation to my arms and legs as I hold on for dear life. But the trees are worth the trip (if you make it). It is such a serene feeling to be among such old and majestic trees, surrounded by snow and birds and very few visitors. The "General Sherman Tree" is one of the largest and oldest Sequoias - 2200 years old (oldest in forest is 3000), 285' tall (even with it's top broken off), 109' circumference, and 35' diameter. Bob figured it could make about 600,000 board feet. Bill - how many houses would that be??????

But Sequoia's can't be used for building as they splinter so easily - instead they make miles and miles of split-rail fences. They're also not the same tree as the giant Redwoods up in northern CA.

There are only a couple roads in this whole park - the 2nd designated National Park (depending on who's list you go by) and the largest in the lower 48. Most of it is wilderness.

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