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Don & Linda's Home in Concord

We had a great time relaxing

The wine train

Wine in the keg

Don & Linda at the tasting bar

Tiny grapes

We stopped for olive oil from Linda's favorite shop.

Super oil

The California State flower


The entrance to the caves

Into the cellar

Our guide was a character

He told of how he had thrown a stone into a tree...

In 1976, California wine won against French wine.

This is the place that won that year.

Wine in the field

Dinner on Friday. Kris Linda's son joined us.

Linda in her kitchen

The birthday for everyone dinner

A chocolate cake!

Wednesday - Sunday

This morning we drove to Concord, CA for a visit with our friends Linda and Don. Linda lived in Rochester for years until she met Don and moved to California five years ago. What a treat to see them - and to stay in their house for four nights. We toured Napa with their guidance on Thursday, where we met an incredible character, the horticulturalist at Rombauer Vineyards. He gave us a tour of the cellars and grounds, and told us a story about throwing stones at a tree in which the Dalai Lama was meditating, unbeknownst to him! On Friday Anne got a great haircut at Linda's hairdresser, and we all went out to a tapas-style restaurant nearby. The best part now was that Kris, Linda's son who is now 22 and a student at UC Davis, came home for the weekend and went out with us too. On Saturday, we relaxed, went shopping, and celebrated everybody's birthday with a smoked turkey gourmet feast.

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