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YIHA - we are the only ones here

What a scam - lonely planets advices sucks

Our house turtle

A beautiful handcarved door - a common sight at Lamu

No cars in Lamu


The only real bar is the Police Canteen

A crab is attacking Maciej

Going fishing with Ali

Street kitchen - cheap and good

Hello All.

Spent 7 nights here on Lamu Island. Really a peaceful and beautiful place. Beach here was top 2 or 3 best beaches either one of us has ever been on. 12km of pure sand overlooking the sea with maybe 1 or 2 people scattered here and there.

Met some interesting people on Lamu. It's an island on which basically everyone knows you after two days. Very small so I think the gene pool might need a little mixing up.

One interesed aspect was having to walk between the cemetery and the garbage dump to get to one of the only places where alcohol is sold (predominantly muslim population remember) and that place is the police canteen.

We did also meet a local guy who we befriended. He showed us around a little and at one point challenged the writer (Maciej) to a friendly swimming race - winner got to take home some Danish chick who just happend to be around. He was winning for the most part but then he got a shot in the teeth which he could not recover from. I got to keep Rikke which was a bonus.


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