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I arrived in Bangkok at about 5:30 this morning and was very dilerious...The train ride was fine over night but I would wake up at every stop we made, so I didn't get a whole lot of sleep. Bangkok is just as crazy and as smelly as I heard it was, even at 5:30 in the morning. I got in a little tuft with my taxi driver because he decided to not put the meter on even though I asked him too...guess that is my fault, I should watch them do it next time. I'm learning a lot on this trip, not only from my mistakes, but from others as well. Not many guesthouses were open in the area that I wanted to stay, and the ones that were, were covered with bugs and straight out of the movie "the beach", with screened windows and ratty beds. I trekked around for about an hour with my bags and was totally exhausted, frustrated and sweating my brains off...gotta love this part of traveling! Then I finally found a fairly cheap room with a HOT SHOWER!!!!(no way, I havent had one in 3 weeks almost) I'm lucky I got there when I did because it was the last one they had...I didn't even hesitate at this point "I'll take it!" I tossed my stuff on the floor and passed out right away. It's a beautiful day here and this cobblestone street I am staying on (Soi Rambrutri) totally has transformed from this mornings empty street to row upon row of shops and food stands. Soi Rambrutri is a few streets away from Bangkok's infamous Koh San Road, but it is much quieter and has a lot more character. Today I am gonna walk around and hit the tourist spots and check out the tailors, then tomorrow I am heading to the weekend market, where I hear they sell everything from fighting cocks to designer jeans...should be quite the sight!

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