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before we left the can you see why i refused to...

people kept pinching our wigs (not that i minded!!)

melly and another person in brown (what is it with the 70's...

please note how long my nails are on this photo! i have...

i have no idea what was making me laugh, i was probably...

yes mel it was free drink all night

way too close

nasty outfits

i think they must have looked in a mirror too!

i never stop smiling when i have had wine

i think melly might have had too much to drink?

end of the night, hence no wigs and hair fallen down

dont worry i was not singing into this mic

i swapped my hat for this blokes wig...big mistake...HUGE

Mels 'Pretty Woman' pose (before she met richard gere)

i think the boat rocked and we fell into each other on...

I cannot believe its the 1st March already! time really does fly when your having fun doesnt it?? We have been away for nearly 6 months now..mad!

I realised i hadnt put an entry on since i got back from my trip 'up north' (you have to say this in a Yorkshire accent) so thought i had better fill you in on what we have been doing.

Ok boring stuff out of the way first - work! Mel finishes her job on Friday as its been 3 months since she started, this 3 month rule is V annoying! So next week she will be job hunting as we still have 3 weeks before we jet off to Melbourne. Im working as a PA to a Legal Counsel (sounds a lot better than my former title of 'receptionist' doesnt it?) which i am really enjoying. I actually feel useful in this role and am good at it, a PA's role is really similar to Events...lots of organising for other people. My new office is on the 43rd floor this time so watch out for more scenic sydney shots. At the moment we have got Police Helicopters circling the building constantly as Prince Charles, the president of Israel and Prince/Princess of Denmark are staying in the hotel next door...oh yeah and that other 'royal' family 'The Osbornes' have just arrived! Im working here til the day before we leave which is good for the bank balance.

Apart from working we have been quite quiet (saving money!) but we did go out on Friday to a 70's boat cruise! Its a backpacker night which is arranged every month with a different theme. This months theme was Saturday night fever meet Psychedelic prints in the wacky theme of the 70's. I can see why they always wore sunglasses, those outfits hurt the eyes! It was a disco with all food & drink included (dangerous. Mel and i hit the markets looking for awful outfits and came home with wigs, hats & earrings that really will only ever be worn once - how did people think they looked good in that gear??

The party was great fun, brill music, competitions , food, wine & dancing til the early hours. Additionally you had the great view of Sydney harbour, we must have gone under the bridge 10 times! I will put the photos on so you can see how ridiculous we looked. Alhthough i have to hold my hands up and admit my 'chicken' status because i took my wig off as we were walking down to the harbour (it was friday night, no way was i walking around with green hair! grotbags the 2nd) and didnt put it back on all night. Mel meanwhile was addicted to her white hair (she is looking forward to being a granny now) and wore it all night, she was brave!

Saturday we didnt get up til 3pm (hey we're on holiday) and then all we managed to do was stagger to the pub (for lunch not hair of the dog!) and the video store for a million dvd's. Sunday we went on a nice long walk (Mel moaning the whole way that she doesnt do walking..ha ha i got her into it) and did our usual food shopping at the chinese markets. A steak dinner was promptly followed by bed and then it was Monday all over again....

Emma and her parents are back from their trip up the coast on Saturday and next week its Mel's birthday so im sure we will have plenty of journal-esque ramblings for you.

So from another sunny day in you al

Vik (And melly, she is here in spirit)

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