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Mike's catch...not sure what it was

Leaving Lazaro Cardenas


Never get tired of looking at these...

Almost got a fluke shot

Leaving Manzanillo

Thank goodness for autopilot

The 'Lost Soul" in Tentacatita - Was owned and recently sold by...

Rock formation at Tentacatita anchorage - These are what Mike worrys about...

"The Aquarium" at Tentacatita - Best snorkeling we have done on this...

Memorial to Mary at the entrace to Barra de Navidad

Hard to convey in pics just how ugly it can get out...

Splash, sometimes I feel like we are on a bucking bronco

Passing by Cabo Corrientes - Whew!

Underway with another beautiful sunset

For the first time in almost 3 months we are in a marina. It is under construction and will be first class when completed. It is a nice for a change and will allow us (Mike) to really clean the boat, the bilge, etc. It is now especially important for us as our generator has fully checked out. It died in Manzanillo. That translates to the fact that we must be on our way somewhere every day or in a marina due to the charging needs of the boat. This is a bummer and will cause us to head back to Mazatlan sooner than expected. There are no other marinas between here and there. The current plan is to stay here a few days and head up to Mazatlan by roughly 2/20.

While there the mechanic will have to try to figure out why our little genny won't run. You may remember that this is not our first problem with this baby. Luckily, the mechanic in Mazatlan, an authorized dealer, is someone we trust. We really need to have this problem resolved or our trip to the Sea of Cortez will be in jeopardy. Everyone tells us that the Sea and La Paz is one of their favorite places. I hope we won't miss it. We do wish we had the new little Honda portable as a back up which we sold just befor our departure! This new hi-tech and expensive model was to be all we needed. So much for plans.

So, since the last blog we have just been traveling north with mostly good conditions.We have observed an amazing number of humpback whales. Never seen so many ever, which is especially odd as I am now reading Moby Dick (no white sperm whales however). We stopped in Tentacatita, Barra de Navidad to fuel up, Ipala and then we rounded Cabo Corrientes successfully. When we tucked into Ipala the conditions were getting pretty rough which caused me to lose a bit of sleep. I was worrying about rounding Cabo Corrientes the next day. All went quite well and here we are in lovely La Cruz, the north side of Banderas Bay. This is the same huge bay which is home to Puerto Vallarta.

We traveled to PV yesterday afternoon to gather the ever necessary spare parts. We needed lots and luckily found them all. What the Mexicans have found out is that as a cruiser, you will pay almost anything for these needed items. And yes, so did we...

Tomorrow night we will head to Guadalajara on a bus tour for the day. It is a bit far but it will give us a taste of the city and a chance to do a little shopping while our home is safely tied to a dock.

Will share the trip to Guadalajara upon our return. Happy Valentine's day to you!

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