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This morning, Sandra and I found a bank machine and she tried to get some money, but had no luck. We then had the "continental breakfast" that I was surprised to find consisted of dry white buns with butter and jam and some kind of espresso/hot milk coffee concoction. Sandra was aware of this having been at the hotel for a previous breakfast. So, we stocked up on supplies at a nearby supermakret.

Around noon I guess, we met up with our group on a bus ride from Lima to Pisco. It was a four hour drive.As we drove along the coast south of Lima I was surprised to see that the landscape was mainly desert like spotted with shanty towns. It is so odd to see the ocean in the distance right next to desert and dunes. The shanty towns were made up of small shacks with the odd bit of livestock. Apparently, families moved to these towns from the highlands where they could actually farm as the government gives some assistance here and the people think that their children have a better chance of going to school and moving to a better life.

Our hotel in Pisco has a main floor and a loft. So, essentially, Sandra and I each have our own room tonight.

We had dinner in the hotel with the group. We finally tried the infamous Pisco sour. I must say that I was not all that fond of it, especially on an empty stomach. Dinner was good. There was a group of three musicians who played just for us. They were very impressive playing the pan flute, a drum, a stinged instrument. No electronics, not even a microphone. Sandra and I just came back to our room then.

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